The Clubhouse

A great community needs great amenities and nothing tops a great clubhouse.  The Clubhouse at The Ridge provides to its owners extra space to relax, entertain or be entertained.  The clubhouse also features professional exercise facilities and equipment including a separate cardio and weight room.  As an owner,  it's all yours to enjoy!

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Indoor/Outdoor Pool

When the developers for The Ridge at Spanish Fork started designing and planning the community, a pool was a necessary element but not just any pool.  With Utah's seasonal climates  an indoor pool in the summer is like hanging out in a chlorinated sauna and an outdoor pool in the winter,  well that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  We looked far and wide to provide a solution that would make the swimming pool a main attraction that can be used 365 days a year rain or shine.  At the touch of a button the aluminum and glass enclosure opens and closes to ensure that any day is a pool day.

Pet Park

Some of us are animal lovers and let's face it, some are not.  For this reason we wanted to provide a space for those that have pets to allow them to run and play without a care and without the concern of those that don't have or want pets.  The Ridge is an on leash only community until you get within the gates of the Pet Park then it's freedom for those four legged fur balls to stretch, run and do all the other funny (and gross) things they do.

Sport Court

Coming in our 4th Phase The Ridge will have a mixed use Sports Court that will give both young and old the opportunity to get out and hone in on their jump shot or practice their overhand serve.  Yes,  we're saying that we'll have a basketball/tennis court for your full enjoyment. 

Play Areas

The Ridge at Spanish Fork will house two play areas.  Each will be uniquely different providing a different experience for kids to enjoy.  The Play area in Phase 1 has a large Playground with climbers, slides and spinners to satisfy all ages.  In Phase 4, we will have a large swing set and mobius climber to keep the kids active and full of smiles.   Both areas will be furnished with Landscape Structures equipment because only the best will do.